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SS CAMP EXTERMINATION Nazi torture movie

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(1977) rougher than most of the Nazi torture movies; a very grim and unpleasant view inside a Nazi medical (experimental) Concentration Camp; Italian production, dubbed into English, with Spanish subtitles; directed by Bruno Mattei; starring Ivano Staccioli, Ria De Simone, nello Rivie, Gabriele Carrara, Giovanni Attanasio, Sonia Viviani, and Monica Nickel; original Italian title KZ9 - LAGER DI STERMINIO (KZ9 - Extermination Camp); also known as WOMEN'S CAMP 119 and SS EXTERMINATION CAMP; fully uncut (1O9 minutes); this is the last of Garrone's 'Nazi Trilogy' (preceded by SS EXPERIMENT LOVE CAMP and SS CAMP 5) ; {the visual quality of this print is rated as B/B-}   

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